You must already know how essential and outstanding the importance of coenzyme Q10 is in the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular diseases.
However, few people know that Q10 has a beneficent effect on almost all our organic systems.Let us give you two less known examples.

Q10_picture_200.jpgIt may sound surprising at first but Q10 also has an important role for couples planning to have children: it supports the functioning of gametes. According to certain estimates, the leading causes of infertility, affecting 12% of all couples, includes such civilisational impacts as stress, environmental pollution, chemicals and nutrition that all damage our cells and against which we can basically only protect ourselves with our lifestyle. Research results show that Q10, which participates in the energy production of cells, has an antioxidant effect; the higher its concentration in the sperm, the stronger this effect is. Complemented with vitamin E, it even protects the cell wall from oxidation. The examinations show that consuming 60 mg CoQ10 a day led to a significant improvement of men’s fertility after 3 months. 

Another less known characteristic of Q10 is that it can also be effective in treating gingivitis. Studies have highlighted that patients suffering from gingivitis have a deficiency of Q10, which gave the idea for researchers to perform targeted examinations. In an 8-week Japanese study, patients took 50 mg CoQ10 per day, after which the condition of patients suffering from serious gingivitis dramatically improved in 70 per cent of the cases, while the symptoms completely disappeared in the remaining 30 per cent. 

Perhaps these results are not so surprising if we consider the effect mechanism of CoQ10 On the one hand it is an extremely strong antioxidant so it protects our cells and all parts of them from harmful oxidation; on the other hand it has a key role in the processes through which the cells obtain energy so, after all, it is essential for the energy supply of the cells.
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